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Stourbridge Velo was started in 2008 by a group of dedicated amateur racing cyclists who encourage the enjoyment of recreational and professional racing cycling in the local area. With a dedicated team of members, all abilities are welcomed including family membership. We also organise a variety of leisure rides and training sessions for local, national and European races.

The club is affiliated to British Cycling Logo the UK's national body for cycling. We work with British Cycling's Go Ride Logo scheme to encourage and forge links with local schools, promoting cycling in general and encouraging new members.

  • Please note to all club members taking part in the club runs with respect to other riders it is expected that you have full mudguards on your bikes during the winter
    months to protect other riders and your selves. Also Helmets are expected to be worn at all times.

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2014 ETU Sprint Duathlon European Championships -

Dave Mole and Scott O'Neil have both qualified in their respective age categories to represent Great Britain for this event which is being held in Horst, Netherlands on 13th April 2014 – congratulations and well done to you both, see report from Scott below. Two weeks ago Dave and I went off to race the Althorpe Duathlon which was the race that Dave and I had been targeting for selection for the GB team. However having already qualified at Oulton Park a few weeks previously; we both wanted to prove that wasn't a fluke and we both prepared for the race hoping that we could effectively be within the selection criteria again and prove (more to ourselves) that we good enough for the ETU champs event next year. The Althorpe course is very rural and the majority of the run course is off road. The speed from the start was ferocious and made all the more entertaining by the field being bottlenecked through/under the (inflatable) start finish arch to trigger the electronic ankle gizmos. Dave quickly disappeared off with a group of six or seven runners; as I found my (only) running speed and tried to limit my loses. The course was pretty undulating and was a mixture of grassland, tarmac and a gravel track through a graveyard. Conditions underfoot were wet and made the grasser sections of the course very tricky. Dave got into his stride and started to pull away from me and the group I was hanging onto. By the time I got out of T1 Dave had disappeared completely, but fortunately for me the wet roads had made a lot of people twitchy, I saw a rider slide his bike across the road and into a hedge on the first corner. I wound up the TT bike and started to work my way through the field. About two thirds of the way into the bike split I spied Dave who appeared to be on his own at the head of the race. I entered T2 in second overall and was quickly followed by Dave. I am quickly learning that for me the second run is simply a case of trying to limit losing minutes I gain on the bike. Unlike our last race at Oulton Park, Dave's superior running pulled him back and past me on the way into the finish. In the end we crossed the line in 8th and 9th with both of us taking the wins in our respective age groups, and I took the fastest bike split.

Dirt/Ride – Top Barn Worcester (off road Duathlon) -

On a remarkably dry day considering the previous week; Scott O'Neil managed to take the senior men's win on a brutal off road course. The course for the bike and run involved grass and gravel tracks and the muddy woody and steep tracks used for the mtb races at the venue. A strong first run put me into T1 in about 5th and by the end of the first of three bike laps I was in the lead. However I knew I was being chased by local cyclo-cross specialist Phil Blacker. I was caught by Phil at the start of the technical sections on the second lap and tried to hold his wheel for as long as possible. In the end Phil's off road skills and fitness resulted in him coming out of T2 and into the final run around 3 minutes ahead of me. I was quite happy that by the end of the second run I had reduced that back to 20 seconds – there's a lot to be said for training.

West Mids Cyclocross Rd7 Misterton Hall Sunday 27th October -

Lee Plant and Dave Mole both raced at this event. The course was surprisingly dry after the heavy rain during the week, meaning a fast race over the varied and technical course. A large field for the Seniors and Vets race meant over 120 riders battling for positions, Lee finished 14th in the senior race and Dave finished 13th in the Vets race, both excellent placing's considering the large field.



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For more information please either email or call us:-

Malcolm Hancock, Welfare Officer
mobile: 07973 833673
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Jonathan Davies, Race Team Management/Coach
mobile: 07971 138388
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Neil Harrison, Membership Secretary
mobile: 07974 155820
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