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  • Enville LVRC Stallard Road Race - Sunday 13th May 2018. .


  • Road Race League - With Halesowen CC 21st June 2018

Stourbridge Velo Downhill Champs !

A superb performance from Rob Kennard saw him clinch victory in this years hotly contested event.

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Rob Kennard

2017 Downhill Champion !

Stourbridge Velo Downhill Champs 2017

Redditch Road and Path K33/10D 10m TT 4/6 – With 21.36 Chris Halford was 3rd overall.

Wyre Forest LVRC 2 Day 11&12/6 – Daren Glaze rode in the B cats and Richard Coleman in the E cats. Day 1 was held on the Stourport Closed circuit, Daren rode in the A/B race where a break of 4 eventually got clear, staying out for the duration with the winning rider lapping the field. Daren took the bunch sprint for 5th overall and 2nd 'B'. Richard narrowly avoided a fallen rider on the last bend and finished in the bunch. Day 2 was held on the Astley circuit in soggy conditions Daren rode in the A/B race taking on 4 laps of the Astley circuit. As the bunch was slowly whittled down Daren rode well helping to bring back the break on the final lap before cracking shortly after. He rolled in behind the reduced bunch having done enough to secure 3rd overall for his category. Richard got away in a break of 8 which stayed away until the end of the race, suffering from cramp he had to settle for 5th place and 4th E cat.

K16/25 Mercia CC 25m TT 12/6 - Dave Wood raced to 59.15, Chris Halford was 4th overall in 52.36

R10/17 10m TT 16/6 – Karl Davies recorded 24.29 and Richard Coleman 23.15

Lichfield No Frills, 3rd Cat 17/6 - Daren Glaze made a couple of efforts to start something and joined an early break which was quickly bought back. A two man move finally got away leaving Daren to take his chances in the sprint, he held his position well on the last couple of laps before being swamped on the final hairpin and struggled to find a way through the crowded finish for 11th place.

Hinckley CRC K41/10 10m TT 19/6 – Chris Halford was 8th with 21.39

Climb on Bikes Road Race 2/3/4 19/6 - Round 6 of the West Midlands Road Race League was held from Weobley near Hereford, 4 laps of an undulating 17 mile circuit. The field stayed intact until the last lap when two Halesowen riders broke clear working well together to take the top spots. Daren Glaze sat in and kept well sheltered but found himself boxed in just as the sprint was winding up, rolling in just behind the sprint in 34th.

Stourport Tuesday Series 3/4 21/6 - A couple of solo efforts but with nothing sticking this one ended in a bunch sprint, Daren Glaze took 10th

Stourport Tuesday Series 3/4 28/6 - Daren Glaze tried an early break but couldn't get more than a handful of seconds, with no help coming across he dropped back to the bunch. A late solo effort went clear, Daren tried to bridge across but only succeeded in bringing a few others with him. In the resulting sprint he had to check his line after running wide but managed to hold it together to take 8th.

Road Race League, Charlton 30/6 - Groups 3 and 4 were set off together, Daren Glaze worked well with Rob Childs and Josh Williams to catch the earlier groups and hold off group 5. All 3 Velo riders finished inside the top ten with Daren taking 9th.

R25/7 25m TT 2/7 - With heavy rain and wind throughout the race, Dave Wood recorded 59.03

Stourport Tuesday Series 3/4 5/7 - Any early breaks failed to stick in windy conditions. Daren Glaze kept sheltered throughout and with a decent exit from the final hairpin he took the outside to sprint to 2nd on the line.

Ludlow CC R10/6B 10m TT 9/7 - Dave Wood rode the course in 23.24

Paramount Stan's Summer RR 3/4 10/7 - A nasty crash split the field causing the race to be neutralised, the four-man break never got properly established on the restart only being granted 10 seconds after previously holding 30. A couple of late solo attempts came up just short, Daren Glaze kept out of the wind and held position on the final climb with enough left to make a late sprint into 7th. Josh Williams also had a good ride to finish 12th.

Stourport Tuesday Series 3/4 12/7 - All together again for a bunch sprint, Daren Glaze found a good line through making up a number of places to finish 4th.

Ross on wye R10/17 10m TT 16/7 – Dave Wood had a good ride with 22.50

Stourport Tuesday Series 3/4 19/7 - Down to a bunch sprint after one or two attempts to get clear failed, Daren Glaze went early on the exit from the clubhouse hairpin and held his sprint to take the win.

K33/25A 25m TT 23/7 – Chris Halford was 5th with an excellent 53.32

Birmingham Midland CC K10/25p - Recording 55.29 Chris Halford was 8th overall.

Alan Goddard Memorial RR 2/3/4 24/7 - Round 7 of the West Midlands Road Race League, the flat course produced a 27.5 mph average making it difficult for a number of attempted breaks to gain significant time. Daren Glaze sat in mostly, felt in good shape on the final lap and made his way through the bunch to contest the sprint. With most of the field still together this proved to be sketchy on a long and narrow approach, however Daren managed to hold position and take 9th and secure his 2nd Cat.

Droitwich Triathlon 24/7 – In this “nice local friendly event” Scott O’Neill-Gwilliams smashed the bike open but ran badly going home third overall.

Tour of Wales Stage Race – Chris Childs had an excellent race: where he finished 25th on GC, 2nd in the team GC and winning Stage 5 which was his main aim for the season.

 Road Race League - Rob Childs had an excellent series finishing 3rd overall in the vets classification. Josh Williams also had some very good results with two 3rds and an 8th place.

Road Race League Huntington 19/5 - In wet conditions Daren Glaze rode in group 3 which quickly caught the earlier groups. A couple of attempts to break followed but failed to stick, with the bunch mostly remaining together to hold off the chasers. Daren found a good position for the sprint to take 4th place.
Bromsgrove Olympic K33/10D 21/5 – With a weather forecast that was awful Chris Halford decided to use his training bike, however it stayed dry. Chris was 18th with 21.43.

Stone Wheelers J5/8 25m TT 21/5 – With severe weather warnings and the wind in completely the wrong direction Richard Coleman was lucky enough to finish with 57.23 before the event was cancelled.

MTB XC Summer Classic 22/5 Cannock - After a problem on the first lap and a lot of chasing Mariusz Jaskolski finished 4th which gave him enough points to finish the West Midlands Series in first place in the Sport Category!!!!!!

Stourport Tuesday series 3/4 cat 24/5 - With two teams well represented Daren Glaze sensed an early break was on the cards, he made it across but was eventually bought back before finding himself blocked in when the successful break went a few laps later. With no-one willing to chase Daren rolled in with the bunch.

Curborough 3rd CatCrit (Lichfield) 27/5 – Having kept a decent position throughout Daren Glaze thought he had a good line for the bunch sprint, but had to pull up to avoid ending up in the cones when another rider cut across him.

K48/10 Walsall RCC 10m TT 28/5 – With a good solid effort on a course with a couple of decent pulls uphill and rough roads Matt Smith recorded 23.52. 

Shrewsbury GP 3rd Cat 29/5 – Darren Glaze had an awful start finding himself way too far back. The pace was fast from the start as the front tried to force a split. He worked hard to try to get back in, but the field was becoming increasingly strung out. Eventually crashing when his front wheel washed out, he was still able to finish 29th. Josh Williams missed the front group but still managed an excellent 8th place to score his first 3rd cat points.

Shrewsbury GP 4th cat 29/5 – Feeling good Mat Smith found himself in the front group of 5. He decided after 15mins to push on, unfortunately he had too much speed into a corner, clipped the barriers and crashed.

MTB XC Midlands Champs 4/6 – Mariusz finished in an excellent 9th place. 

Redditch R&P K33/10D 10m TT 4/6 – With a time of 23.24 Matt Smith lowered his course PB by 36secs. Chris Halford had a superb ride for 3rd place with 21.36.

Curborough 2nd/3rd Cat (Lichfield) 04/6 – He couldn't get through to contest the sprint but Darren Glaze finished safely in the bunch, 20th out of 37. Nevertheless happy to have a better race than the last time out.

LVRC Tommy Godwin Mem RR 5/6 – Having missed the break Richard Coleman made several unsuccessful attempts to break free. He finished in the bunch.

Winter Classic at Cannock 28/2 – Mariusz Jaskolski finished 13th in the sport category. 

West Midlands Series Round 2 20/3 Malvern -  Mariusz Jaskolski had an excellent rideto finish 6th. 

National XC in Pembrey 2/4 – Another good ride for Mariusz to finish 12th. 

Midlands XC Round 1, Sherwood Pines 13/4 -   Mariusz raced to 9th place.

K33/10D Warwick Road Club 10m TT 23/4 – Dave Wood completed the course in 23.51, Richard Coleman was 1st 60-64 in 23.26

Paramount CRT Stan's Spring RR 2/3/4 24/4 - A break with 7 riders got away mid race and gained 2 mins on the bunch. Chris Childs attacked with 2 and a half laps to go being joined by 2 other riders. They worked together and caught the break with just under a lap to go. Chris finished 6th in the sprint from the break with Rob Childs and Daren Glaze coming in with what was left of the bunch.

R25/3H Welsh 25m TT Championships 1/5 – 1st E cat (60-64) was Richard Coleman in 55.23.

Enville LVRC RR 8/5 – Rob Childs finished in the 2nd break in this his first LVRC race.

Midlands XC Round 2 in Cannock - Mariusz finished in 9th place.

Midlands XC Round 3, Harlow Wood 8/5 - Mariusz finished 9th. 

R10/17 10m TT 12/5 – Richard Coleman 22.03, Dave Wood 23.00, Karl Davies 24.13 and Ron Clews 24.59.

A25/11 Etwall 25m TT 14/5 – On a reasonable day with a mainly cross wind Richard Coleman recorded 56.18

National XC Round 3 in Dalby Forest 14/5 - On the world cup course Mariusz finished 14th in his category (sport).

Beacon RCC K33/10D 10m TT 14/5– Another good ride for Chris Halford for 12th place in 21.28, Dave Wood 23.44, Matt Smith 24.00, and Karl Davies 25.04.

Royal Sutton K11/10T 15/5 – Chris Halford rode to an excellent 9th place with 21.02, Matt Smith recorded 23.23.

South Staffs and Shropshire Road Race League -  Round 1 Knighton, a strong showing from Velo members with Chris Childs 9th, new member Josh Williams 11th and Rob Childs 15th. In round 2 at Charlton Rob,Chris and Daren Glaze finished in the bunch with Josh just off the back.

Shrewsbury 2/3 Cat Crit 15/5 - After a good race Josh Williams struggled for position on the final lap and rolled in for 20th place.

Stourport 3/4 Bromsgrove Olympique 17/5 - A return to crits after what seems a long time away, Daren Glaze rode the 3/4 race which was reduced to 25mins +5 laps after a delayed start. A sketchy race on a damp circuit, with the first rider falling after about 25 metres...Daren rode strongly in the bunch but missed the late winning break. Made a brief effort to chase with a lap and a half to go but sat up after no-one was coming through. Took the safe option of finishing upright instead of sprinting for 15th!

Halesowen RR Astley Circuit – Chris Childs finished in the bunch with nothing left at the end after trying to force a break for most of the race.

Solihull LVRC Circuit Race 2/4 – It stopped raining just before the D+ race but the track at TudorGrange was soaking wet and very muddy with the riders finishing covered from head to foot in mud. Jonathan Davies and Richard Coleman struggled around for the first few laps trying to get a feel for the track and the available grip. Richard then moved through the field and worked with the leaders to break clear. With about 10 laps to go he attacked on the short climb and made a small gap, he was then joined by John French. Together they moved away from the field. Richard jumped John on the last lap to take the win.

VTTA K11/10T 10m TT - Chris Halford had an excellent ride for 13th place in 21.51

Bill Jinks (3/4) 3/4 - 7 laps of the Corley circuit ridden before the main 2/3/4 race, Daren Glaze rode strongly in the bunch but left it too late on the final lap and found himself out of position finishing in 31st just behind the sprint. 

LVRC/VTTA Timetrial 9/4 – This lumpy timetrial around the Welland circuit was started last year when it was won by the LVRC. This year the tables were turned with Dave Woods being a member of the winning team. Dave Mole was 5th vet on standard.

Echelon LVRC RR 10/4 – Jonathan Davies started in the C/D race (50 – 59) and Richard Coleman in the E+ (60+) race. The E+ race went from the gun and Richard went way too deep into the red trying to catch the break finishing just behind the bunch.

Two Counties (3/4) 10/4 - 50 miles over 3 laps of the Bridgnorth circuit, Daren Glaze lost ground on the final climb through Bromley. He rolled in behind the bunch sprint in 30th.

European Sprint Duathlon Championships Kalkar Germany 16/4 – 5krun/20k bike/2.5k run. Dave Mole had a PB on the first run and came off it in around 9th place, he then worked his way up to 3rd place on the bike leg clocking the fastest bike split in his age group. Dave managed to hold onto 3rd place until the finish: he was 1st Brit back and received the bronze medal.

BDCA A10/19 10m TT 16/4 – On a tough day in bitterly cold conditions Chris Halford rode to 12th place in 21.25.

Claydons Classic LVRC RR 17/4 – Part of the Percy Stallard this race was always going to attract the best vets in the UK. The course near Aylesbury has a long steady climb after about 3 miles. Richard Coleman hung on to the leaders on the first lap but missed the break of 6 that went away on the second lap. He however won the bunch sprint for 7th place.

Gerry Hughes (2/3/4) 17/4 - 65 miles of the Welland circuit, the pace was averaging just shy of 27mph with very little let up. A number of small breaks tried to get away but never stuck. Daren Glaze exited the final turn out of position and didn't have enough left to make it up to the bunch sprint, rolling in just behind. Rob Childs finished in the bunch with Chris Childs finishing strongly for an excellent 4th place in the bunch sprint.

WCTTCA D30/12 30m TT 17/4 – In a cold wind on a rural course with potholes Karl Davies completed the course in 1.18.49 beating his time from last year.

K21/18 Wrekinsport Hilly 18m TT 5/3 – Chris Halford took part in this timetrial that takes in the Hermitage in Bridgnorth coming in 17th place with 44.57. He subsequently found he had gastric flu so had a week off the bike.

U7B University of Bristol 10m TT 12/3 – Karl Davies took part in this event; in his own words the course is terrible! Rumble strips, branches and massive pot holes! His time 25.43.

Bedford Autodrome Sprint Duathlon 13/3 - After a successful training camp (not holiday) in Mallorca it was straight back into racing as duathlon season had started for David Mole. The first event was held on a closed road circuit, it was also a qualifying event for the first ever draft legal World Sprint Duathlon Championships to be held later in the year in Aviles, Spain. Conditions were awful it was thick fog and it was very cold indeed. The pace on the first run was seriously fast, however the bike leg was great fun, David worked well in a bunch which he tried numerous times to break away from only to succeed in the last mile of the race, the second run went well too and David finished in 3rd place in his age group automatically qualifying to represent GB at the World Duathlon Championships.

Clumber Park Sprint Duathlon (European Duathlon Qualifying event for 2017) A week after qualifying for the worlds – see above, Dave Mole was back onto the TT bikes and no drafting. David manged personal best times in the first run and on the bike leg but cramped up slightly on the second run. David’s overall time was his personal best and he finished second in his age group. The second place meant that David had automatically qualified to represent GB in the 2017 European Duathlon Championships.

R27/7A Royal Forest of Dean 25 20/3 -There was a course change due to roadworks. Dave Wood and Karl Davies rode in bitterly cold conditions with a NE wind. Dave recorded - 62.05 and Karl 63.59.

P451 CC Weymouth 10 27/3 On a very windy, wet day including a hailstorm. Dave Wood had a good ride for 13th overall with a time of 24.04.

Pinvin LVRC RR 19th and 29th March – This very popular road race is now held over 2 days to cope with the number of entries, meaning each category has its own race. Daren Glaze rode in the B category (45-49): an early solo break went and was eventually joined by 5 others. Daren worked with the bunch but the chase kept breaking down with many choosing not to contribute. They eventually sat up on the final lap. Daz tried to get away with about a km left but couldn't make it stick and rolled in with the bunch. A good first race of the season.

     The following day Richard Coleman represented the club in the E race (60-64). With 4 strong riders including the current national RR champion, the Onimpex Bioracer team were always going to be hard to beat. This was proven to be the case with the rest of the riders being softened up with many attacks. On the last lap with one rider clear and no one willing to chase another rider went clear, Richard tried to chase but gave up as he was towing the bunch who didn’t contribute. Richard was 2nd in the bunch sprint for 4th place.

K46/10 VC Sevale 10m TT 26/3 – Ron Clews and Richard Coleman were the only one’s brave or daft enough in the team to take on the 45mph headwind to the turn. Most riders were unable to use their bar extensions due to the buffeting. Ron recorded 27.37 and Richard 25.08!!!!